What are the benefits from attending Connect Physiotherapy?


  • Guaranteed treatment and care by a qualified, experienced physiotherapist
  • Ideal for people with busy schedules and time constraints, 30 to 60 minute appointments
  • Post-operative patient care and rehabilitation
  • Assessment and treatment with your own personal physiotherapist
  • Treat patients of all ages
  • Postural corrections
  • Exercises given to do at home to aid in recovery process
  • Competitive pricing with discount incentives for family and friend referrals
Physiotherapy St Clair

Do l need a referral?
If you are paying for the consultation privately you do not need a referral.
If it is a Workcover, CTP, DVA or EPC Medicare plan then you will need a GP referral for your initial consultation.

Can l claim through my Health Fund and how do l claim?
If you are with a private health fund that covers you for physiotherapy care then yes you can claim the consultation from your health fund. We can claim most private health insurance company’s rebate at the time you pay for your consultation and you will just need to pay the gap.

How do l pay for the service?
You can pay by cash or Eftpos (no cheques or bank transfers accepted).

What do l need to bring along with me to my appointment?
If you have any scans such as X-Rays, CT, MRI or bone scans please bring them to your appointment with you along with your GP referral if you have one.

What do l wear to my appointment?
For lower back and lower limb injuries shorts are advisable (wear them or bring them with you). For neck and upper limb injuries a singlet top is advisable.