About Connect Physiotherapy

What can I Expect?

At Connect Physiotherapy we provide a friendly environment that makes you feel comfortable and leaves you enjoying treatment.

Initial Appointment

At your initial appointment your physiotherapist will:
  • Discuss your health history
  • Discuss your goals and expected outcomes of physiotherapy
  • Conduct a physical examination of the injury
  • Advise you on how many treatment sessions you will require
  • Educate you about your injury and its prevention
  • Answer any questions you may have
  • Provide you with exercise training and techniques to continue at home
  • Provide taping/bracing if appropriate

Subsequent Appointments:

At subsequent consultations your physiotherapist will:
  • Discuss your progress
  • Conduct a review physical examination
  • Provide manual therapy if needed
  • Review your home exercise program
  • Make any appropriate changes to your exercise program
  • Advise you on when or if you will require further physiotherapy treatment
  • Provide taping/bracing if appropriate