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Physiotherapy Treatment

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To the untrained eye, all physiotherapy practices 
may look the same; but our small details make 
all the difference. Our focus is on delivering 
a great physiotherapy experience that can have an 
incredible impact on you reaching your recovery 
or physical health goals sooner.


Sports Injuries

Common causes of sports injuries are:

  • Overuse
  • Direct Impact
  • Incorrect technique
  • Weakness in muscles
  • Wearing and use of incorrect equipment
  • Application of force greater than the body part can withstand
  • Abnormal movement patterns (incorrect biomechanics)


Lower Back Pain

Statistically 80% of people who experience primary back pain will have a reoccurrence within 12 months. Finding the cause of lower back pain can be difficult and often the symptoms are treated instead of the cause being treated. At Connect Physiotherapy we will find and treat the cause of your back pain not your symptoms.